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Dog Training 101

Dog Training 101  — Published 09-04-2018 by: Leonard Houser (Thunder Ridge Kennels) While certainly presenting ‘a complete guide to dog training’ is beyond the scope of this article, we thought we would present the basics of what is involved in training a dog. The dog training information presented here is general in nature and most applies equally […]

Dog Boarding Tips and Info

Dog Boarding Tips & Info  — Published 11-11-2018 by: Leonard Houser (Thunder Ridge Kennels) Dog boarding is getting more popular than ever. As our lives become ever busier the need to have dogs boarded either overnight or for longer durations becomes more necessary. There are numerous things to consider to make sure that both you and your […]

Choosing A Dog Boarding Facility

Choosing A Dog Boarding Facility  — Published 04-16-2018 by: Leonard Houser (Thunder Ridge Kennels) Choosing a dog boarding facility can be a nerve racking and daunting task. You certainly want the best for your dog and want to be sure that he will be in good hands and properly cared for during his stay at the kennel. […]

Boarding Kennel Stress in Dogs

Boarding Kennel Stress in Dogs  — Published 07-13-2018 by: Leonard Houser (Thunder Ridge Kennels) Stress in dogs associated with being boarded in a kennel is fairly common. Although most dogs are perfectly fine, some will show varying degrees of stress which can be directly linked to the boarding experience. It can vary quite a bit from dog […]